Something to look forward to: Tesla is proving that electric vehicles still have plenty of room for improvement and is getting ready to deliver new even longer range Model S and Model X offerings. Improved motors, cooling, bearings, and suspension all contribute to greater efficiency.

After rumors of incoming changes to Tesla's flagship vehicles, rumblings about new motors are coming to fruition. Instead of adding a bigger battery for longer range, Tesla has shared that drivetrain changes will be allowing the Model S and Model X to set new distance records before having to recharge.

A new permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor located at the front and silicon carbide electronics paired with improved cooling bumps the efficiency to more than 93 percent. An induction motor at the rear also contributes to raising driving range by over 10 percent.

On the EPA cycle, Tesla is now posting a 370 mile range for the Model S and a 325 mile range in the Model X. Both ranges were achieved without improvements to the current generation 100kWh battery pack.

In addition to longer driving ranges, the Standard Range and Long Range models will accelerate faster. More power and torque is available with the new drive system. Fully adaptive air suspension has also been upgraded to keep rides smooth, an especially important feature to get the best experience possible when using Autopilot.

Wheel bearings and tire designs have also been updated to improve range and ride feel. Although not a major breakthrough in these areas, every little improvement still counts for something.

Existing Model S and Model X owners will not be able to easily retrofit their current cars, but Tesla is offering a ludicrous deal. If you currently own either the Model S or Model X, you can buy a new one and get the $20,000 Ludicrous Mode upgrade for free. While not exactly a value-oriented proposition for most people, this is almost a 20 percent savings for those that currently have a fully loaded Tesla and want to get the new one anyways.