Tesla is refreshing the Model S and Model X with new motors and longer range

Greg S

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After rumors of incoming changes to Tesla's flagship vehicles, rumblings about new motors are coming to fruition. Instead of adding a bigger battery for longer range, Tesla has shared that drivetrain changes will be allowing the Model S and Model X to set new distance records before having to recharge.

A new permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor located at the front and silicon carbide electronics paired with improved cooling bumps the efficiency to more than 93 percent. An induction motor at the rear also contributes to raising driving range by over 10 percent.

On the EPA cycle, Tesla is now posting a 370 mile range for the Model S and a 325 mile range in the Model X. Both ranges were achieved without improvements to the current generation 100kWh battery pack.

In addition to longer driving ranges, the Standard Range and Long Range models will accelerate faster. More power and torque is available with the new drive system. Fully adaptive air suspension has also been upgraded to keep rides smooth, an especially important feature to get the best experience possible when using Autopilot.

Wheel bearings and tire designs have also been updated to improve range and ride feel. Although not a major breakthrough in these areas, every little improvement still counts for something.

Existing Model S and Model X owners will not be able to easily retrofit their current cars, but Tesla is offering a ludicrous deal. If you currently own either the Model S or Model X, you can buy a new one and get the $20,000 Ludicrous Mode upgrade for free. While not exactly a value-oriented proposition for most people, this is almost a 20 percent savings for those that currently have a fully loaded Tesla and want to get the new one anyways.

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The extended range is really cool to hear about. I am glad to hear of the improvements. I was seriously considering a tesla until I found out this autopilot self-wrecking "feature". I will not buy a vehicle which would put money into their company for that feature. I could have been one of those people their car felt like running them into a barrier and killing them, or the car feeling like decapitating me by a semi.

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Once again, as said before, Musk needs to deliver on his original promise of fielding a mid sized car that is competitive with similar fuel burning brands which would mean the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. He's still over $10,000 above that mark and until he meets it with a higher mileage vehicle he simply has missed the boat.


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"In addition to longer driving ranges, the Standard Range and Long Range models will accelerate faster."

"accelerate faster", This is contrary to longer distance gain! But of course Tesla does not mention it for selling tactics!
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I'm starting to see electric cars more like computers these days. Early on they were expensive, slow and impractical for the majority. Eventually they got much cheaper, faster and better to use. They went mass market, but it took several decades.

In the same way if the improvements keep coming then it is only a matter of time before there are 300 mile range EVs available at affordable mass market prices. I think that like early personal computers, the trickle will turn into a flood when they hit that sweet spot all round. One model is going to nail everything for the right price, and fly out the showrooms.

Commodore 64 of EVs.

I wonder how long. I am starting to believe it will be sooner than many people think. 10 years time, 15 at most and electric car sales will be approaching combustion engines.
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Tesla's business model is looking more & more like that of Mercedes: making highly prized luxury cars, but everything they produce for the mass market is junk, gets badly reviewed, and quickly phased out.

They need to decide if they wish to be exclusively a "luxury" EV maker, or become the GM of electric cars, because at this point, it's clearly the former (not the latter.) :(

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I would imagine that most Tesla Buyers are in the $150,000 and up bracket and buying a new car is not a burden. Maybe a lot of them are in the $500,000 bracket and the cost for the Tesla is not much of an issue. In 2019, having an electric car is problematical and right now, I imagine that most people look fondly on Gasoline powered cars and if they are really practical might opt for one of them instead.