Why it matters: Being selected as one of six innovations across half a century of engineering achievements is a serious honor, especially considering the first Raspberry Pi was only released just a little over seven years ago.

The United Kingdom’s Royal Mail postal service is celebrating 50 years of British engineering with a set of six commemorative stamps. Among the products recognized is the Raspberry Pi, the single-board computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to help teach programming.

The Raspberry Pi stamp joins the three-way catalytic converter, the London Crossrail, MRI machines, the Falkirk Wheel and synthetic bone-grafting material, each getting their own stamp.

Raspberry Pi’s Executive Director of Communications Liz Upton, who is also the wife of Pi creator Eben Upton, said they are a little sad that British stamps now come with sticky backs “so we won’t be able to imagine all of you gently licking the back of a Raspberry Pi.” Nevertheless, she said they are buying a huge stack of them to use on all of their postage for the foreseeable future.

Those interested in getting their hands on the stamps, either as a collectable item or for general use, can place a pre-order over on the Royal Mail website. The stamps launch on May 2.

Lead image courtesy Zoltan Kiraly via Shutterstock