As we reported earlier this month, Burger King has been market testing its meat-free "Impossible Whoppers" for several weeks now. The burgers, for the unaware, are made entirely from plants, and the patties are being sold to various burger joints by Impossible Foods; a start-up who hopes to lead a meat-free revolution.

Apparently, Burger King's market testing went pretty well. The company's Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado said that even his own team – who know the Whopper "inside and out" – "struggle to differentiate" between the Impossible Whopper and the regular Whopper made from meat. Outside of the top brass, low-level employees and customers had similar feelings.

Now, reports claim that Burger King is planning to roll out the Impossible Whopper nationwide by the end of 2019, which will likely lead to a pretty significant publicity boost for Impossible Foods - Burger King is no small fast food chain, after all. However, it is worth noting that Burger King won't be the first company to adopt Impossible Foods' meat across its stores; White Castle claims that honor.

In terms of alleged health benefits, the Impossible Whopper boasts "15 percent less fat" and "90 percent" less cholesterol than a traditional Whopper.

This news will likely be exciting for prospective vegans who aren't eager to give up their Burger King habit, but the company hasn't announced a specific nationwide launch date for the Impossible Whopper just yet.