Apple's AirPods are one of the best-selling wireless earbud devices on the market, and for good reason - the audio quality is solid, they're easy to use (there's no wires connecting one bud to the other), and they tend to last for quite a while, assuming they don't get damaged by the user.

The AirPods' success has led many of Apple's competitors to follow in its footsteps, coming up with their own wireless earbud alternatives. Samsung's Galaxy Buds are one example and Microsoft is reportedly working on Surface-branded earbuds of its own.

Unfortunately, while the Galaxy Buds are cheaper than the AirPods (which cost $199), they're still decidedly high-end at $129.99. We don't know how much Microsoft's buds will cost, but we don't expect them to be much more affordable than either of these offerings.

However, for those who want a truly wireless earbud experience but can't afford either of the previously-mentioned options, there's good news now: audio device maker Skullcandy has revealed its "Indy" earbuds, and they seem perfect for budget-conscious users. The Indy buds more closely resemble the AirPods than the Galaxy Buds, due to their dangling antennas - which could prove to be a somewhat polarizing design decision among Skullcandy faithfuls.

Regardless, the Indy's low price tag may just make up for its potentially-controversial aesthetic: it will run you just $79.99, which is less than half the price of Apple's popular alternative. The Indy also ships with its own charging case, the promise of "up to" 16 hours of battery life, and IP55 sweat, water, and dust resistance).

If the Indy buds sound like your cup of tea, you can snag them now from Skullcandy's official website.