Facepalm: Epic's been having a Mega Sale at its gaming store and you'd be forgiven to assume that many users would flock to the marketplace and get some good deals. Well, not so fast. It turns out that buying a few too many games in one go results in Epic blocking your account.

Ask an impulsive shopper or someone waiting to check off a few items from their wish list: a sale's a good time to make purchases. For gamers, Epic's Mega Sale has a few nasty surprises. Not only have a few major titles disappeared during the sale, but it also seems that if you buy too many games too quickly, Epic might mistake you for a fraud and block your account, instead of someone who's looking forward to filling their Epic game library with untouched games similar to another library they might have with more untouched games.

As reported by GameRevolution, streamer Patrick Boivin came across this situation when he bought 5 games from the Epic Store resulting in his account being flagged as possibly fraudulent.

While Epic has been pushing hard to get gamers to use its platform, it turns out that a bare bones store missing out on important features that directly affect the user experience is certainly not epic. In this case, as pointed out by Patrick, the presence of a shopping cart might have made bulk purchases a lot smoother as the store front's fraud detection systems might be a bit too sensitive on individual purchases.

"This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules," Nick Chester, senior PR for Epic told GamerRevolution. "If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate."

Considering that a sale usually sees users buying quite a few items in one visit, Epic's combination of strict fraud checks and lack of a shopping cart is likely going to make for an unpleasant shopping experience.

As Epic continues to catch up to Steam, it will need to iron out problems that surface on important events like a Mega Sale, besides spending out of their own pocket to make it possible in the first place.