Highly anticipated: After revealing details about its next-generation console last month, Sony has just given a presentation comparing the PlayStation 5 (assuming that will be its name) to the PS4 Pro. It shows the upcoming machine loading a game around ten times faster than the Pro and rendering scenes at a higher speed.

The showcase was part of Sony's Corporate Strategy Meeting, which was attended by the Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki. He tweeted a video that demonstrates how much difference the PS5's SSD makes to loading times. The developer version of the machine loads Marvel's Spider-Man in under one second, whereas the PS4 Pro takes just over eight seconds.

We also see the PS5's ability to render scenes at a faster rate, thereby allowing objects and textures to appear quickly, avoiding the pop-in effect.

While Sony offered few specific new details about the PS5, it did say it will bring "completely transformative and immersive gaming experiences," adding that the two keywords for the future direction of PlayStation were "immersive" and "seamless."

The gaming giant also mentioned its mission to leverage the latest computing, streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies, part of which relates to the recently announced Sony/Microsoft strategic partnership that will develop better game streaming services. Sony added that the evolution of Remote Play and PlayStation Now will provide a seamless game experience anytime, anywhere.

In addition to SSD storage, the PS5's lead architect, Mark Cerny, said the PS5 would have 8K resolution support, ray tracing, and backward compatibility. It will feature an 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU built on its 7-nanometer Zen 2 architecture and use a custom Navi GPU. No word on a release date, but it won't be before April 2020.