WTF?! Gaming as an addiction has certainly been a hot topic for quite some time but mimicking its behavior in the real world is almost non-existent. Like, how many times have you noticed a pedestrian casually carrying an RPG or driving into a car wash to get rid of the cops? Still, an Israeli power company has contacted Epic regarding removal of utility poles that appear in the company's popular game Fortnite, worried that players may be encouraged to replicate this behavior in real life, which of course can be life threatening.

Computer games in general are a refreshing escape from the real world and its limitations, into a world of fantasies where our actions don't usually have any physical consequences, apart from sitting on the couch too much, in which case one's belly can serve as a base for a game controller and/or snacks. Games are mostly seen as an art form by developers and players alike and almost all of them do not expect anyone to imitate a game mechanic or a character's behavior in real life (Cosplay aside).

So, while Moms are now legally required to supervise Fortnite streaming sessions of their twelve-year-olds, who knew there was a looming risk of players going out and climbing utility poles like those in Fortnite.

Well apparently there is, according to Israel Electric Corporation, the nation's electricity provider, which has written an open letter to Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney, requesting him to remove "dangerous content that encourages life-risking situations related to the use of electricity, such as climbing poles and public lighting facilities."

The letter mentions the game's title as "Fortnight," suggesting that the people who penned the document have yet to play the game or aren't that well exposed to the title. Games, after all, as a medium do have and take the liberty of forming their own vocabulary sometimes.

It could also be that since games are streamed as much as played these days, the content might influence some people into another Bird Box challenge. Different recipe, same result.

Though we doubt any Fortnite players out there have ever felt the urge to climb utility poles or do any other silly things from the game in real life, the advice given by the power company is sound and should be followed by everyone, Fortnite players and the rest. Epic has yet to respond to this development.