WTF?! In May, Twitch streamer 'Tfue' Turner Tenney sued the Faze esports organization for unfair contracts. As part of that lawsuit he claimed that another Faze Fortnite streamer, 'H1ghSky1,' was only eleven when he first signed the contract. On Thursday, H1ghSky1's Twitch account with 500,000 followers was suspended. H1ghSky1, whose real name is Patrick, switched to YouTube and confirmed he's presently twelve, below Twitch's thirteen and up threshold.

"Okay, I'm back, I'm streaming on YouTube. My Twitch account was suspended due to me being underage. And yes, I am 12," Patrick said. "I only lied so I could fulfill my dream of being a streamer. It has been my dream for a long time, and I worked for a year and a half for it. I'm sorry that I lied."

As part of YouTube's rules, which are a result of federal guidelines, Patrick's mother is now required to actively supervise him in all videos. It doesn't appear to have tarnished his reputation, however, as he already has 900,000 subscribers.

In addition to Twitch, Epic Games has also taken action against Patrick. He's been kicked off the leaderboards (a bit harsh, really) and banned from entering tournaments until he's thirteen, as per Epic Games' policy. Over the past year, he's won $5,000 in prizes from the Winter Royale and Blackhead Cup tournaments.

It's unclear if anything will happen to Faze, who knowingly lied about his age to enter him in tournaments. They do appear to keen to keep a hold of him, though. And regarding Patrick, while I'm not condoning the illegal behavior - I do admire his spunk.