The big picture: It's been nearly 20 years since action-adventure game Shenmue dropped from creator and producer Yu Suzuki. Little did gamers know that lurking in the depths of the game disc was a tribute to Street Fighter characters Ken and Ryu that would remain hidden for close to two decades.

Last year, a Japanese news outlet - per a former developer for the game - teased that a number of "hidden elements" had yet to be publicly uncovered. One of those elements was the Shoryuken, or Dragon Punch, that is part of Ken and Ryu's arsenal of moves in Street Fighter.

The tipster revealed when to pull off the move and even the button combination needed but due to time constraints, it is physically impossible to execute the maneuver... that is, unless you tinker with the game's code.

That's exactly what modder "nullpo" did, managing to successfully pull off the move and posting it online (Phantom River Stone has since shared it on YouTube). Full instructions on how to do it can be found over on Phantom River Stone.

Discoveries like this are fascinating for the sheer fact that it remained hidden for so long. Such was the case with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! a few years back when it became public knowledge that additional tipsters were planted in the crowd. And who knew that you could kill Big Boo in Super Mario World so easily?