Recap: Dr. Mario started writing prescriptions on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in the summer of 1990. The falling block puzzle game is somewhat reminiscent of Tetris but involves matching colored pills to eradicate viruses rather than fitting tetrominos together.

Nintendo's reimagining of Dr. Mario for mobile finally has a launch date after being announced earlier this year.

It received a positive reception from critics and fans alike, having appeared as a port, remake or sequel on every Nintendo home console since the NES.

Dr. Mario World for Android and iOS is modeled after the original albeit with a few minor differences. For example, rather than falling pills, the capsules in this game float upwards in a vat of liquid. You also have a fixed number of capsules where as the original would drop an endless supply of pills and special items to help you clear stages.

Add-ons like diamonds can be purchased and used to continue a stage, restore stamina or even add new doctors to your roster. Each doctor has a unique skill that only they can deploy, we're told. For example, Toad will select 10 locations at random and clear any items in those spots automatically.

Dr. Mario World is due out on Android and iOS on July 10 as a free-to-play title.