Recap: Sprint and T-Mobile's planned merger was set to move forward in May when FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said he would recommend approving the deal (which is worth about $26.5 billion). Unfortunately for the two mobile carriers, things started looking a bit shaky when reports claimed the US Department of Justice (DOJ) had concerns with the merger.

Specifically, officials allegedly worried that the deal would "hurt overall competition" in the mobile market.

To alleviate those worries and prevent the mobile market from essentially becoming a three-company industry (in terms of primary providers), Bloomberg now claims that T-Mobile and Sprint may sell roughly $6 billion in wireless tech to Dish. The company could use this deal to enter the industry and become its fourth major provider.

Should that deal work out (Bloomberg notes that it "isn't finalized" and may still "fall through"), it may just be enough to soothe the DOJ's concerns with the bigger T-Mobile/Sprint merger. Only time will tell whether or not these behind-closed-doors talks will pan out, but we'll keep you updated on the situation as more information comes to light.