Forward-looking: While we're still a long way off smartphone batteries that can last for several days at a time, we do have the next best thing: super-fast charging. Now, Vivo has announced a solution that it claims can fully charge a 4,000mAh battery in just 13 minutes.

One of the Chinese company's product managers posted a video on social network Weibo that showed off the 120 watt Super FlashCharge technology it's working on. The clip demonstrates a phone being charged from 10 percent to 14 percent in just 16 seconds. While this isn't a zero to 100 percent full cycle, it's still a very impressive feat.

We've seen some fast charging solutions in the past, but none that match Vivo's. Oppo's 50W SuperVOOC takes seven minutes to hit 50 percent charge and another ten minutes to reach full capacity, and Xiaomi earlier this year revealed a 100W charger that boosts a phone from zero to 100 percent in just 17 minutes, though it is yet to ship.

As with Xiaomi's charger, there are questions over potential heat issues and the number of recharges associated with Vivo's Super FlashCharge.

Vivo hasn't revealed how its new charging system works or when we might see it arrive, but it may be part of the company's first 5G handset, which will likely be the button-free Vivo Apex 2019 concept it unveiled in January.

The Super FlashCharge tech and new Vivo handsets are set to make an appearance at MWC in Shanghai next week. The event runs from June 26 to June 29.

Image credit: Framesira via Shutterstock