Why it matters: Asus has revealed that the successor to last year's ROG Phone will be launched in China on July 23, and with it comes a number of upgrades over the previous model.

There had been rumors of the ROG Phone 2's release date, but the company has now confirmed the event date on Chinese social media site Weibo via a poster for the handset.

While many were impressed with the ROG Phone's 90Hz display, the ROG Phone 2 ups this to 120Hz, which matches the Razer Phone 2. But while its rival uses an LCD panel, the ROG Phone 2 is expected to feature an AMOLED screen much like its predecessor. All of which means we should see some fluid motion when using the screen, similar to what the iPad Pros offer.

Asus has reportedly joined forces with Tencent to optimized some games to take full advantage of the 120Hz display.

We haven't heard much else about the ROG Phone 2 other than its 3C certification, which means it'll feature 30W fast charging support-but so did the original model. One thing we can definitely expect is a slew of gaming-specific features. The ROG Phone has squeezable sides that can be used in the style of shoulder buttons when playing games, and an 'X mode' that increases the CPU clock speed, frees up RAM from background apps, turns on HDR, mutes incoming notifications, and lights up the ROG logo.

No word on price or when the ROG Phone 2 might launch in the US, but there are rumored to be two versions starting at around $640.

Main image credit: Lukmanazis via Shutterstock