What just happened? It's official. Frank Azor, who left Dell on July 3, began his new job yesterday as AMD's "Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions." The career move comes after spending 21 years of his life at Alienware.

In June, Alienware co-founder and frontman Frank Azor announced that he would be leaving Dell on July 3 "to take on a new challenge." He had kept tight-lipped about what that new challenge would be, but rumors via Wccftech claimed that he had been poached by AMD to be its "Chief Gaming Officer."

On Monday, AMD CEO Lisa Su officially confirmed via Twitter that Azor began his first day as the company's chief architect of gaming solutions--- a title just shy of being an officer. Azor will be reporting to AMD's Executive Vice President of Computing and Graphics Business Group Sandeep Chennakeshu.

Azor started Alienware with co-founders Alex Aguila and Nelson Gonzalez in 1996. Dell acquired the brand in 2006 and made Azor the head of its XPS and gaming divisions. Thanks to Azor and the Alienware brand, Dell's gaming division is reportedly worth over $3 billion now.

Azor's precise duties at AMD were not revealed, but his close work over the years with both Radeon and Nvidia hardware should leave his well-qualified for anything they throw at him. Judging from his title, he will at least be creatively involved with AMD's Radeon cards for PCs. He may also be tapped for input on semi-custom GPUs for gaming consoles or other projects.