What happens when you toss one of the most popular mobile games of a generation into a blender with today’s top trending genre? You get Flappy Royale, a battle royale style take on the once popular side-scroller Flappy Bird.

Flappy Royale is sort of like the recent Mario Royale (you know, the one Nintendo DMCA’d in no time flat) in that it takes a single-player game and injects it with a heavy dose of multiplayer chaos. Like the Mario variant, Flappy Royale pits you against several other players (in this case, 99) in a standard Flappy Bird-style game. The goal is to outlast the competition as the last bird flying wins.

In typical battle royale fashion, all players start out on a bus. There is even the option to customize your bird to stand out from the crowd. Gameplay mechanics are just like the original Flappy Bird – simple but frustrating.

Flappy Royal is available to download on both Android and iOS and offers two game modes: the standard 100-player battle royale and a daily top-score mode where you see how many pipes you can clear given a set number of tries. There’s also a web version you can play on your desktop.