Long-time fans of Bethesda's ever-popular Elder Scrolls franchise will likely remember Daggerfall, the second entry in the series and one of the most beloved RPGs of all time. Of course, the game is quite old at this point – it launched for MS-DOS back in 1996, and it hasn't held up all that well over the years.

It is playable on current systems thanks to the tireless work of companies like GoG (and modders), but its mechanics, visuals, and combat system can be tricky for modern gamers to stomach. Fortunately, Daggerfall fan Gavin Clayton has been working hard to remaster the game in the Unity engine for roughly five years now.

On Twitter yesterday, Clayton announced that the project's .10 Alpha release is imminent.

Clayton has managed to port over virtually every major feature from Daggerfall already, so there's not much left on the table. However, he is still working on things like the Jump skill, autowalk/run toggles, and walk/run keybinds in general; all of which should arrive sometime in August.

Once those features are finished, the remaster moves on to the Beta stage, and then finally a full 1.0 release. The version numbers might be a bit confusing, but in short, Clayton expects to launch 3 more major updates in total before he enters the post-launch support stage.

The Daggerfall fan remaster is not a remake, so it preserves the game's overall look and feel. However, the interface is easier to navigate, mouse-look has been implemented, the textures have been updated, numerous long-existing bugs have been fixed, and the game should be much more stable overall. All of these improvements combine to hopefully offer newer Elder Scrolls fans a more accessible entry point into the world of Daggerfall.

If you want to toy around with Daggerfall Unity's .9 release right now, you'll need to own a copy of the original game; likely for technical and legal reasons. Bethesda offers it for free on their official website, but playing that version will force you to jump through some hoops. DaggerfallSetup and the GoG version should both give you a better experience.

At any rate, once you have a copy of Daggerfall installed and ready to go, visit the official Daggerfall Unity website's download page to grab the version that best suits your OS. For now, the remaster is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows 64 or 32-bit-based operating systems.