Why it matters: If you have had $200 burning a hole in your pocket for the new Switch Lite, the wait is over. Amazon just updated its product page and is now taking pre-orders for the handheld gaming machine, which releases this fall.

Although Nintendo has not officially announced Switch Lite pre-orders itself, Amazon began accepting them on Tuesday. It has gray, turquoise, yellow, and the Pokémon Sword and Shield special edition each for $199.99. Orders come with free delivery and ship on September 20.

If you have been on the fence about getting a Switch, the Switch Lite is a nice low-priced alternative. However, it comes with a few caveats.

The Switch Lite has no video out port. So unlike its more expensive hybrid sister console, it is strictly a handheld device. It also has a slightly smaller screen (5.5 vs. 6.2).

Its controls are not detachable, but it still supports the same accessories including JoyCons and the Switch Pro Controller. Although if you are playing with one of those options, you will have to find a way to prop up the Switch Lite up because it doesn't have a kickstand like the regular unit.

If the Lite doesn't suit you, and you'd rather have one that outputs to an external display, you might want to hold off a little longer. Although Nintendo has not officially made any announcements, it quietly unveiled a newer version on its Japanese website.

The upgraded Switch will have a more efficient SoC and flash memory. The upgrades will provide longer battery life, but will not boost performance at all. It is still unclear when the newer models will be available in the US.