In brief: Bird Two also features self-reporting damage sensors that help mechanics diagnose issues and conduct repairs more easily, an industrial-grade anti-tipping kickstand, seamless screws, puncture-proof tires and anti-theft encryption that protects the vehicle's OS from "potentially malicious hacks that other e-scooter OSes are susceptible to."

Electric scooter sharing company Bird unveiled its Bird One scooter with increased durability, better battery life, enhanced lighting and more back in May. Now, it's moving on to bigger and better things with a brand new model boasting even more enhancements.

The next-gen Bird Two features a battery that has over 50 percent more capacity than Bird One's battery which, if you recall, offered up to 30 miles of range on a single charge. This new automotive-grade battery is coupled with other enhancements that help it operate more safely and with performance that is optimized for significant temperature variations.

Oddly enough, Bird is keeping several of its new scooter's specifications under wraps for now. As such, we don't know the battery's exact capacity or range, the vehicle's top speed or its weight limit. For comparison, Bird One has a top speed of 18 mph and a weight limit of 220 pounds.

Bird Two could be a last-ditch effort from the scooter rental company. According to The Information, Bird lost nearly $100 million in the first quarter as revenue shrunk to around $15 million. Sources say the company was down to around $100 million in cash in the spring although in fairness, winter months aren't exactly the company's peak season. With temperatures having warmed considerably, one has to think rentals would be on the rise and more revenue is coming in now.

Bird Two will be rolling out next week, we're told.