Why it matters: While the Chrome Web Store boasts 188,620 extensions with at least 1.23 billion installs, those figures don’t tell the full story. Many of these extensions have been installed by just a small number of people, and only 13 boast more than 10 million users.

The information comes from a scan of the Chrome Web Store by Extension Monitor. The biggest takeaway was that a massive 87 percent of extensions have fewer than 1,000 installs.

Breaking that down even further, 50 percent of all extensions have fewer than 16 installs. 25,540 of these, which accounts for 13 percent of the total, have just one user, while 19,379 extensions, or just over 10 percent, have no installs at all.

Looking at the most successful Chrome extensions, only 13 have passed the 10 million-users milestone: Google Translate, Adobe Acrobat, Tampermonkey, Avast Online Security, Adblock Plus, Adblock, uBlock Origin, Pinterest Save Button, Cisco Webex, Grammarly for Chrome, Skype, Avast SafePrice, and Honey.

Examining the top ten extensions with fewer than 10 million users, we see the likes of ad blockers, communications, coupons/shopping, security, and password managers are particularly popular. Here’s the full list with the number of installs.

As you might imagine, paid extensions make up just 8.9 percent (16,718) of all extensions and less than 2.6 percent of installs. 5,885 of these have no users, while IE Tab is most popular by far, with 4.1 million installs. Its closest rival, Lucidchart Diagrams, has 615,789 installs.

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