Bottom line: The mClassic has already raised more than $325,000 on Indiegogo with 21 days left in its campaign (they were originally just seeking $50,000). You can nab your own mClassic as an early backer for just $69 when it ships in September 2019.

Marseille Inc. has smashed its Indiegogo funding goal for the mClassic, a plug-and-play graphics processor for video game consoles, PCs, movies and more.

According to the firm’s marketing material, when used for gaming, the mClassic is like adding a new graphics card to your console or PC without having to modify it. The device itself looks like an oversized USB thumb drive with HDMI in and out as well as a port for power.

It works with nearly any platform including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as retro consoles like the Dreamcast and GameCube, promising improved depth of field, an anti-aliasing algorithm to reduce sharp edges and an image sharpening algorithm that balances sharpness and naturalness. mClassic can even upscale video to 1440p60 on supported monitors and also works on PC games – all at a latency of around 0.2 ms.

Marseille previously released the mCable, an HDMI cable it claimed was able to boost image quality. Linus Tech Tips put the cable to the test and came away impressed (they totally thought it would be snake oil).