What just happened? Nintendo is known for several things: consoles, family-friendly games, and aggressively protecting its IPs. The latest to feel the wrath of its copyright claims are YouTube channels that uploaded music from the company's titles.

GilvaSunner, a channel that's been around since 2010, has over 862 million views and almost 343,000 subscribers. It uploaded original soundtracks from Nintendo games for viewers to listen to, but has just been hit with hundreds of copyright strikes from the Japanese giant.

Nintendo has every right to protect its intellectual property, of course, though many game studios allow their products' soundtracks to appear on YouTube. But the firm is hammering down hard on channels that upload its music. In addition to GilvaSunner, other YouTubers have received similar claims, including BrawlBRSTMs3, which resulted in the entire channel being shut down.

As noted by VG247, Nintendo has doled out copyright claims to the channels in the past, but never in the kind of numbers we've seen here.

For many Western fans of Nintendo's original soundtracks, these channels were one of the few ways to listen to the music without buying the games or importing the OSTs on CD from Japan. Hopefully, it's an indication that the company may be following in the footsteps of Square Enix and Capcom by adding the soundtracks to streaming services such as Spotify, but Nintendo has in the past issued copyright strikes to mods makers, a fan game creation tool, and ROM sites, so don't hold your breath.