In context: Everybody loves a good superhero game; at least, if the success of the Batman: Arkham series or the latest Spiderman games are anything to go by. Whether you're punching your way through hordes of the Joker's minions, or swinging from building to building, these games are a great way to put yourself in the shoes of your favorite comic book and film heroes.

Unfortunately, modern players have never really been able to experience what it's like to play as one of the superhero world's most iconic characters: Superman. In fact, he hasn't been the focus of a quality singleplayer action (or adventure) game in a very long time.

The reason for this, people always assume, is that it simply wouldn't be fun to play an undefeatable hero. Developers would have to nerf his abilities in some significant way to make such a game interesting -- right?

Maybe not. What if you could make a game where players are completely unrestricted and invincible without compromising on fun? That's the question a small team of students from Japan's Vantan Game Academy decided to answer with the recent launch of "Undefeated." Undefeated is a free Steam game (effectively only a demo for now) that puts you in the role of an unnamed, t-shirt and sunglasses-wearing superhero with a Superman-like suite of powers.

"Ever dreamed of becoming a super hero that protects the city with your super powers? UNDEFEATED makes that dream come true," the game's Steam store page reads. "Fly over the city to patrol the streets and look out for crimes or troubles. Use your unlimited powers to keep the city safe."

Your primary goal throughout the game is to sprint or fly around the city while rescuing random civilians, bashing bad guys, putting out fires, and soaring through hoops during Flight Challenges. Eventually, you'll even take on a few supervillains. Nothing can really threaten you (you're bulletproof, fireproof, and punch-proof) and you don't even have a health bar. According to the game's user reviews, none of that matters, though. The game is still (apparently) a thrill to play; perhaps because it bucks these traditional superhero game restrictions.

At any rate, you can try Undefeated for yourself by visiting its dedicated page on Steam. It's not a particularly big game, coming in at about 3GB, and you won't need a superpowered rig to run it: the minimum requirements are a GeForce GTX 760 and an Intel i5 processor.