In brief: OtterSpot is a portable Qi wireless charging solution. It consists of a 36-watt charging base that can charge up to three OtterSpot wireless batteries and one device simultaneously. For lack of a better description, the wireless batteries look like those coaster-style pagers you get when waiting to be seated at a restaurant.

OtterBox on Thursday announced what it is calling the world’s first expandable charging system “for home, office and on-the-go.”

OtterSpot batteries are stackable – up to three high – to reduce cable clutter. Each portable battery features a 5,000mAh capacity and 10-watt charging speed. They even have battery status LED indicators and a USB port for optional wired charging.

An OtterBox spokesperson told The Verge that the system can technically support up to four stacked batteries although charging speeds start to take a hit at that point.

The OtterSpot wireless charging system starts at $129.95 and includes the charging base and a single OtterSpot wireless battery. Additional bases and batteries can be purchased as needed for $69.95 each.

At that price point, the OtterSpot system is far from the most affordable portable charging option out there. You also sacrifice some capacity at just 5,000mAh each but then again, it’s wireless, highly convenient and looks great. For these reasons, it’ll likely attract a decent following.

The OtterSpot wireless charging system and additional batteries are available to purchase as of writing.