Something to look forward to: Apple is beta testing a new interface for its iCloud service on the web. Gone is the bubbly blue background of its predecessor, replaced by a plain white backdrop with the user's image and name placed front and center, below which lie the familiar set of apps.

Seems like white is also the choice of color for Apple in the visual update for the company's iCloud service for web. Launched in beta, the changes were first noted by Federico Viticii who tweeted the highlights of the new site.

The immediately noticeable changes, besides the white background, include the user's photo and name with a greeting in the center. Below it is a link to access Account Settings and the usual set of apps, which now contain the revamped Reminders app introduced in the betas of iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, albeit with some limited features. The Settings app has also disappeared, most likely because of the aforementioned Account Settings link.

Changes have also been made to the sub-menu on the top right accessed by clicking the user name. The Help link is now integrated inside the menu with icons added for each label.

It's all pretty straightforward, except that in the beta, there's no Launchpad in the apps that appear in the iCloud Settings drop down or any other link elsewhere on the iCloud Settings page. Maybe it's a bug, given the beta state of the site, but for now, to go back to the Launchpad, the browser back button is your only friend.

Users interested in trying out the iCloud beta can go to and sign in with their Apple account credentials. The updates to iCloud web for the non-beta version are expected to roll out in parallel with the public releases of iOS 13 and macOS Catalina.