Microsoft has several products in the works right now, including an entirely new Xbox console (dubbed "Project Scarlet" at the moment), an AirPod competitor, and possibly even a dual-screen Surface device that can function as either a laptop or a tablet depending on a given user's needs.

While we aren't likely to hear any more concrete news about Scarlett soon, announcements (or at least teases) for the latter devices are starting to seem likely. As reported by Engadget, Microsoft has begun sending out press invitations to a mysterious Surface-themed event. The invites show what appears to be a partial Microsoft logo, a message advising readers to "Save the date," and, of course, the date that the event will take place: October 2, 2019.

We weren't given one of these invitations ourselves, so we're not sure what the rest of the invitation's contents may have been( if there were any at all). However, we do know that it will kick off in New York City, and it'll undoubtedly contain a few exciting reveals.

While we don't know exactly what Microsoft is planning to show off, a new Surface Pro, a refreshed Surface notebook line-up, and the tech giant's rumored Surface Buds (codenamed Morrison) all seem like likely candidates. Of course, there's also the potential for a few surprise announcements: Microsoft has already started to expand the Surface brand to cover more than laptops alone, after all, and we expect that trend to continue in the future.

No matter what the specific announcements are, one thing is certain: Surface fans will have a lot to look forward to in roughly a month. Stay tuned for our coverage of the event when it kicks off.

Middle image credit: Engadget