The big picture: It's not uncommon for celebrities to monetize their likeness. One prime example is Cameo, a service in which fans can pay to have their favorite celebrity record a personalized video - usually a shout-out, well-wishes or to taunt a friend. Pricing varies from a couple bucks to a couple thousand dollars depending on their level of fame.

Themed weddings are a staple of Las Vegas but you won't have to travel to Sin City to get hitched by Duke Nukem.

Jon St. John, the voice actor best known for being the pipes behind the beloved video game character, recently announced on Twitter that he is now an ordained minister. His first wedding ceremony is this Saturday and yes, he will even officiate your wedding in character if you wish.

St. John also confirmed on Twitter that he will do your wedding as Big the Cat, a character he voices from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

It's unclear how much St. John is charging for his services. We also don't know if he is willing to travel or if you will have to come to him. Of course, if you love Duke Nukem so much that you want him to officiate your wedding, you can probably work through those minor details.