WTF?! Is human memory a blessing or a curse? 34-year-old Taniguchi might have an opinion given that his photographic memory allowed him to memorize all credit card details of customers - 16-digit number, name, expiry date and security code - by the time it took to process their purchase. He would then jot them down in a notebook for running a pawn shop.

Seeing credit cards and fraud in one sentence isn't a new occurrence, but one involving a quick brain certainly is. As opposed to using data-stealing malware or other interception methods, a cashier at a mall in Kōtō, Japan was apparently able to use his eidetic memory to steal credit card details of customers as their purchases were processed at the POS terminal.

Yusuki Taniguchi would store these details in a notebook to make purchases online. The items he bought were then sold through a pawn shop and the resulting money was used to pay for his living expenses.

In March this year, Taniguchi ordered a pair of shoulder bags worth $2,500 (270,000 yen) and gave his apartment's address for delivery. The bags arrived and so did the police, who were able to track him down with this unauthorized purchase.

After arresting Taniguchi, the police found the notebook that contained the credit card details of hundreds of customers and are currently linking this information with past incidents to investigate and determine the extent of Taniguchi's crimes.