What just happened? Nintendo went after two ROM-hosting websites last year, but that wasn't the end of its quest against such sites. The Japanese gaming giant has filed a lawsuit against RomUniverse, seeking millions of dollars for copyright and trademark infringement.

Nintendo has a reputation for aggressively protecting its IPs and will use the law where it can. In July last year, it launched a lawsuit against two ROM sites---loveROMs and loveRETRO.co---and in November the site owners reached a $12 million settlement with the company.

Now, Polygon reports that Nintendo has once again taken legal action against a ROM site. This time, the target is RomUniverse, which reportedly offers memberships for $30 per year that allows users to download "an unlimited number of pirated games, [referred to as ROMs,] with higher speeds than non-members."

Nintendo's lawsuit alleges that RomUniverse is one of the most popular and notorious online hubs for its pirated games, with nearly 300,000 Nintendo Switch game downloads and "more than 500,000" downloads for Nintendo 3DS games.

Nintendo is seeking $150,000 in damages for each copyright infringement, along with $2 million for every trademark infringement. With over 60,000 ROMs available to download, the potential total damages should have the site operators worried.

It's not just ROM sites that Nintendo has issues with. Last month saw the company go after YouTube channels that upload music from its catalog of games. GilvaSunner, a channel that's been around since 2010 and has almost 348,000 subscribers, was hit with hundreds of copyright strikes from the firm.