As the Tokyo Game Show kicks into full gear, we’ve been getting a lot of new insights into upcoming titles. We have already reported on Final Fantasy VII and Death Stranding.

Today Sega released a four-minute trailer for Yakuza: Like a Dragon showing some gameplay, mini-games and some of the classes you can choose for your character.

Unlike previous iterations, the new game will feature turn-based combat and will play more like a roleplaying game. Players can choose from various job classes, including “Host” and “Dancer.” Each character type has its a unique look and fighting technique.

There will also be mini-games, such as a Mario-Kart-like race, writing tests, and a movie theater game where you try not to fall asleep. It also has slot machines, darts, a rhythm-based music game, and more.

Sega also dropped an updated story trailer (above).

Overall, the game looks goofy, different, and fun. It will prove a nice diversion from the usual Yakuza fare when it launches in 2020.