In brief: The popular card strategy game from The Witcher 3 is coming to iOS/iPadOS devices on October 29th bringing the full feature set of the PC version.

Gwent is headed to mobile and is up for pre-order at the App Store. There's no word yet on an Android version but users running iOS/iPadOS 12-supported iPhones/iPads can look forward to downloading and playing the 2.6 GB game by the end of next month, almost a year after CD Projekt Red released the Gwent-inspired 'Thronebreaker' RPG and it's 'Homecoming' overhaul.

While players have to wait a while for Cyberpunk 2077, they can keep themselves busy with a mobile version of The Witcher 3 card-based game for the next few months.

Players on iPhone/iPad will be able to share their game progress and purchases with PC using their GOG account, although the same is not possible between iOS and console (Xbox One/PS4) versions, "this is beyond our control," said the developer in its announcement.

The game will also have built-in 4K textures for those running a powerful iOS device (like an iPad Pro), something which players can expect with CD Projekt Red at the helm. Now what remains is an Android version for the game to fully span across its entire fanbase.