The big picture: When multitasking, the more screen space, the better. Dual-monitors are fine, but cord clutter can be annoying, and bezels are distracting. The HP S430c Curved Ultrawide Monitor looks to fix those problems.

The S430c is a very wide monitor with a 32:10 aspect ratio. Its curved 43.4-inch diagonal display is equivalent to two side-by-side 24-inch monitors. It delivers a 4K quality picture with a 60Hz refresh rate. The LED backlights deliver up to 350 nits brightness with 99-percent sRGB color accuracy.

A webcam at the top of the display retracts into the bezel when not in use. The camera is equipped with IR, so it is compatible with Windows Hello if you are used to logging in with facial recognition. There are also dual microphones embedded into the chassis.

The S430c comes equipped with HP's DeviceBridge, which can control up to two devices simultaneously without a KVM. DeviceBridge is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android devices. This means you can hook both your gaming rig and your MacBook Pro to the monitor and use them at the same time. You can even copy and paste between the computers using keyboard and mouse controls.

Using HP's Display Assistant software, users can easily resize display partitions to suit their needs. In other words, when working in dual-monitor mode, you can choose the size of each screen.

The monitor has one DisplayPort and one HDMI, both with HDCP support. It also has four USB-3.1 and two USB-C ports that deliver up to 100W of power for charging up to two devices at a time. A height-adjustable stand allows easy positioning. It also has a 100mm VESA pattern for mounting to a wall.

The HP S430c will be available on November 4 for $999. The price is not bad considering two decent 24-inch 4K displays will run you around $700 and will not deliver the same convenient features.