OnePlus may be best known for its high-quality yet reasonably-priced smartphones, but the company has been looking to expand its reach into the realm of smart TVs for a while now. Today, the smartphone maker finally decided to reveal the fruit of its ambitions: the aptly-named "OnePlus TV."

The TV is the first device in OnePlus' "Q1" line-up, and it's a 55", 4K behemoth with a "Gamma Color Magic" chip for "mesmeric picture reproduction," whatever that means. The Color Magic chip enables the OnePlus TV to optimize picture quality in real time, no matter what sort of content you're viewing. Additionally, the TV houses Dolby Vision HDR features for "extraordinary" colors, contrast, and device brightness.

From a design perspective, the OnePlus TV is fairly simple. Its bezels are ultra-thin, and the "Pro" variant features a "sliding sound bar" that can raise or lower on a whim – when closed, you wouldn't even know the bar exists.

Aside from just looking cool, this sound bar allegedly packs quite a punch. According to OnePlus, it includes a 58W, 8-speaker setup powered by Dolby Atmos technology. The speaker setup is composed of four full range speakers, two "tweeters" for high notes, and two woofers. The non-Pro TV features a slightly more standard four-speaker array.

When it comes to smart TV features, OnePlus latest' device is no slouch – it's running on the Android TV platform, which means you'll have full access to Google Assistant and the Google Play Store. You can ask the Assistant questions, tell it to perform various in-TV actions, or skip the AI entirely and just download your favorite Play Store games. Alternatively, you can consider stopping by the OxygenPlay content hub, which can synchronize with your smartphone for easier navigation.

In terms of available input ports, the OnePlus TV has four HDMI slots, one AV port, and three USB ports – one each of USB 2.0, 3.0, and Type-C, to be specific.

If the OnePlus TV sounds like the device of your dreams, you can pre-order it now, as long as you live in India; and can spare 69,900 Rupees for the standard OnePlus TV, or 99,000 Rupees for the Pro version. That's about $1,000 and $1,400, respectively.

We don't know when the TV will be available in other regions, nor do we know when it will officially ship out. However, we'll keep you updated in the coming months.