What just happened? Sony earlier this week revealed several details about the PlayStation 5, including its "holidays 2020" release window, but one thing it never unveiled was the price. Yet one Dutch retailer has put the console up for pre-order.

Netherlands-based 76 Game Mania is allowing the country's residents to reserve a PlayStation 5 for €50 ($55). When the next-gen machine is launched, that money will be taken off its price.

As reported by Lets Go Digital, reserving the PS5 ensures buyers are placed on a waiting list to get one of the consoles from the first batch of inventory that 76 Game Mania receives.

It's suspected that the PlayStation 5 will be around $500 when it arrives in time for the holidays next year. And while putting a deposit down on something that doesn't have an official price might sound questionable, plenty of people won't care, as long as they're first in line to grab one of Sony's machines.

We now know that the PS5 will feature a redesigned controller that replaces the rumble technology with haptic feedback. It also has a solid-state drive and optical drive that doubles as a 4K Bluray player, as well as hardware-level ray tracing support. Games, meanwhile, will come on 100GB discs, and their installations can be configured, meaning users can install only a single-player campaign, if they wish. Additionally, there's its 120Hz/4K support and backward compatibility.

As expected, Sony's upcoming console will be competing with Microsoft's next-gen Project Scarlett, which shares several of its rival's features.