In brief: While several expensive and powerful electric vehicles have made headlines recently, a new crowdfunded EV has been launched that offers a range of 186 miles for under $19,000.

Designed by Swedish brand Uniti and engineered in the UK, the Uniti One features a one-plus-two seating configuration where the driver sits alone in the front while two passengers can fit in the back. Despite its small footprint, the car has 155 liters of rear cargo, which can be increased to 760 liters when the rear seats are folded down.

Auto Express reports that the Uniti One comes with a 12kWh battery pack as standard, offering a range of 93 miles, though there is also the option of a 24kWh battery that extends the range to 186 miles. Both sizes can charge from 20 percent to 80 percent in seventeen minutes using a 50 kW CCS charger

The EV obviously isn't going to challenge Porsche and Tesla when it comes to speed. Its 67bhp and 85Nm of torque offers a 0-62mph time of 9.9 seconds, while the top speed is just 75mph.

The Uniti One does have some high-end tech, including integrated Android Automotive OS for navigation and entertainment, a voice-activated interface, keyless entry, and OTA software updates. There are also optional extras such as LED headlamps, a heated driver's seat, air conditioning, and an upgraded six-speaker stereo system.

The Uniti One is available to order in Europe now. Thanks to a £3,500 ($4,390) government subsidy, it can be bought in the UK from £15,100 (just under $19,000). The first deliveries are expected in the UK and Sweden by mid-2020.

In other EV news, Porsche has just revealed the Taycan 4S, a cheaper ($103,800) version of its sporty electric vehicle.