What just happened? Usually, when an online-multiplayer game goes down for more than a few minutes, and it's not scheduled maintenance, players get enraged and flock to social media to complain. Fortnite has been down since Sunday afternoon, and it is utterly silent. Oh, people are talking about it, but they aren't complaining.

Yesterday at around 11 am PST, the entire Fortnite map was obliterated and sucked into a black hole. The event was the end of Season 10, and despite rumors that a new map was in the works, players were in shock as they were blown out into space and then watched it all get blown up.

Then the entire Fortnite universe was then sucked into a black hole.

Now when we say the entire universe, we don't just mean the map. The Twitter feed, players, and everything officially associated with the game are gone (sort of). Well, except for the official Facebook page, but the last real post was over 21 hours ago and simply said, "This is The End."

Fortnite's Twitter is empty. Its public Trello board that was used to track game issues went down. Its top nine Instagram entries are eight blank, black photos with a video of the black hole in the center, making up a mosaic of the void.

The official Fortnite Twitch channel is live, but it's just the same scene of the black hole with peaceful music in the background. Even though there is absolutely nothing happening, almost 73 million viewers are glued to the feed.

Players who were logged in at the time of the cataclysm were sucked in as well. Those who stayed online are stuck looking at the same black hole as is on the Twitch channel. Although some have reported that you can play Space Invaders if you enter the Konami code. Players that try to log into the game are denied.

Some were worried that it really was the end of the game, and all their V-bucks and purchased loot was gone. PlayStation had to issue a statement, reassuring players that their accounts were safe.

How long the game will remain in this limbo is anyone's guess, as is what the world will be like once it's back online. A new map is pretty obvious, but what else? Epic destroyed the entire universe. It can bring back whatever it wants --- new guns, vehicles, entirely new game mechanics.

We'll have to wait and see what "Fortnite Chapter 2," as it has been dubbed, is all about.