In brief: If you want a PC for use in industrial environments, it needs to be rugged. That's where Tranquil's mini PC excels. It's so tough that it can endure being run over by a vehicle and keep on working.

As the name suggests, Tranquil's Mini Multi display PC (MMDPC) comes with four 4K-capable DisplayPort outputs. There are also a couple of gigabit ethernet ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C, and three USB 2.0s.

At the heart of the machine lies AMD's Ryzen Embedded V1605B. This quad-core/eight-thread APU is incorporated into the Sapphire Tech FS-FP5V motherboard and features Vega 8 graphics.

As it's created for industrial use, the PC uses a fanless design to protect it from dust, floating debris, and moisture. The use of SSDs and no fans means a lack of moving parts, ensuring silent operation.

The machine also features an aluminum case that not only optimizes cooling but also protects it from being crushed. As demonstrated in the video below, it can even survive being run over by a vehicle. The mini PC also comes with IP50 level protection and can operate between zero and 40 degrees centigrade.

The highlight feature of the MMDPC is its four display ports, which make it ideal for scenarios where multiple displays are required. Tranquil's suggested use cases include "electronic gaming machines, medical imaging, interactive digital signage, thin clients, POS terminals and more."

The unit supports Windows 10 64-bit and Linux 32/64-bit, and it's possible to order it without an OS instead of Windows. The barebones case---no RAM or M.2 SSD---with the Ryzen 1605B is priced at £626.40 ( around $792 US).