If you were looking forward to some of Ubisoft's more highly-anticipated upcoming games, such as Watch Dogs: Legion or Rainbow Six Quarantine, we have some unfortunate news for you today. Both of those games, as well as the beautiful-looking adventure title "Gods & Monsters," have been delayed.

We don't know the exact release dates for these games now, but Ubisoft said in a shareholder report that they will release in "fiscal 2020-21." According to Gamespot, the absolute latest they could come out would be March 31, 2021, though we don't necessarily expect them to take that long.

A more realistic release window would likely be late 2020 – all three games were previously scheduled for early 2020 launches, so a 6-month-ish delay should be more than enough time for Ubisoft's various development teams.

Now, let's get to the reason for these delays. First, some background: according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, their latest AAA release – Ghost Recon Breakpoint – didn't perform so well. "For Ghost Recon Breakpoint, while the game's quality appeared on track-based on E3, Gamescom, previews and our latest internal playtests-, critical reception and sales during the game's first weeks were very disappointing."

Guillemot says the primary reasons for this underperformance were series fatigue, poorly-received "gameplay innovations," and the lack of enough "differentiation" factors between Breakpoint and its predecessor, Ghost Recon: Wildlands. As such, to address these problems in the future, Ubisoft wants to give all three delayed games more time in the oven.

Hopefully, a delay into the latter half of 2020 will be sufficient, but until official launch dates are shared with the public once again, we're merely speculating.