In a nutshell: London-based electronic music record label Hyperdub has teamed up with aftermarket console maker Analogue Nt to help celebrate its 15th anniversary. The bundle features an exclusive music album on an unconventional medium - a Sega Genesis cartridge.

The duo have created a limited-edition, Hyperdub-branded Mega Sg bundle consisting of an Analogue Mega Sg console, an 8BitDo M30 2.4g controller, a Hyperdub keychain and all of the requisite cables you'll need to connect it to your television or monitor.

The crown jewel of the bundle is without a doubt the included game cartridge which features 11 exclusive tracks from Hyperdub artists. These tracks are only available on the cartridge and won't be released in any other format.

Analogue Nt and Hyperdub are limiting production of the bundle to 1,000 units. It's available to purchase as of writing priced at $249.99. Given its exclusivity, it's likely to go fast so if you want one, you'd better act quickly.

By comparison, the standard Mega Sg system retails for $189.99. The Sega Genesis Mini, meanwhile, comes with 42 pre-loaded games and is currently going for just $49.99. Granted, neither of these options includes the limited edition audio cartridge but if you really just want a Genesis, they are viable alternatives.

Analogue Nt collaborated with record label Ghostly International on a similar offering last year with the Ghostly LE, a custom version of the company's Super Nt system.