WTF?! Amazon orders sometimes get mixed up and customers don’t receive what they bought, but these incorrect items are usually related to the original purchase. On Black Friday in the UK, however, at least a dozen people who bought a Nintendo Switch received some incredibly random goods, including a facial hair trimmer and a tambourine.

If this was an SKU mix-up, those who thought they were getting a Switch might have received something related to the hybrid console, such as an accessory or game. But The Mirror reports that a number of people were shocked by what they found when they opened their parcels.

Jake Lawrence, from Leicester, discovered that instead of receiving his Switch, Amazon sent him a microphone and tambourine.

Some of the other bizarre items included a laptop fan cooler, a book, a pack of batteries, Lego, and an electric toothbrush. "I have also reported this to the police as feel it is fraud and needs thoroughly investigating," wrote a woman who got a box of dog food and washing up liquid instead of a console.

While it didn’t occur on Black Friday, one person who ordered a Switch in October found a pack of condoms arrived in its place.

It seems Amazon is at a loss as to why so many people haven’t been getting their Switch consoles. A company spokesperson said: "We're really sorry about that and are investigating exactly what's happened. We're reaching out to every customer who's had a problem and made us aware so we can put it right."

"Anyone who has had an issue with any order can contact our customer services team for help."

One of the problems that disappointed buyers will likely face is having to pay the full amount for a Switch if they re-order, rather than enjoying the Black Friday discount.