What just happened? It's not uncommon for automakers to test prototypes on public streets although usually, it is done under the guise of camouflage and fake body panels intended to mask the vehicle's true looks. That's not the case with Elon Musk and his company's recently announced Cybertruck.

The outspoken entrepreneur was gallivanting around Malibu over the weekend in one of the company's Cybertruck prototypes. As TMZ highlights, Musk and his entourage stopped in for dinner at Nobu where they attracted lots of attention from both onlookers and the paparazzi.

Actor Ed Norton even got in on the action, seemingly wanting to check out the Cybertruck up close.

Musk debuted the Cybertruck to the press at the company's headquarters late last month. The presentation didn't exactly go over as planned, however, as the vehicle's hardened windows failed miserably during a live strength test.

Even the weekend outing wasn't without controversy. As Musk was leaving the restaurant, the Cybertruck took out a portable sign. The only question is - do we blame this on Musk's poor driving skills or was the vehicle in autopilot mode?

Tesla's Cybertruck is expected to start around $40,000 when production begins sometime in 2021.