In brief: Now that Apple's 32-inch 6K monitor is getting in the hands of professionals, some might be interested in adding a webcam to their setup, one which Logitech has designed specifically for the Pro Display XDR.

Logitech's 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam looks like an upgraded version of the Brio that came out a few years ago. The new model is being targeted particularly at customers of Apple's Pro Display XDR, orders for which went live yesterday, alongside the new Mac Pro desktop.

As evident in the name, the magnetic webcam is free of any clamps or attachments that might jar with the clean aesthetic of a Mac Pro setup, save for the USB-C cable for connecting the webcam.

The gadget should also fit in nicely with workflows requiring an adjustment to the monitor's screen orientation on the fly, as Logitech says the camera rotates video capture accordingly, with a strong magnetic base to keep things steady.

The webcam comes with two in-built microphones with noise cancellation and can be tilted slightly for getting the best angle. It also features Logitech's RightLight 3 technology for optimal video streaming, up to 4K, in varying light conditions.

With a price tag of $200, this accessory looks like a bargain in the face of costly add-ons like the $999 monitor stand or the $400 wheels for the Mac Pro. Logitech's 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam can be ordered today from Apple's website and ships later this week.