What just happened? Steam's annual Winter Sale might be the most well-known event of its ilk, but it's certainly not the only one that's worth keeping an eye on. DRM-free digital distribution platform GOG's Winter Sale started today (it ends on January 2nd), and it's bringing hefty discounts on thousands of games. That's not all, though – the Sale brings a few other surprises, as well.

Most notably, Wasteland 2's Director's Cut Digital Classic Edition (quite the mouthful, we know) is free for the first 48 hours of the event – as of writing, you've got about 40 hours left to take advantage of the deal, and we recommend you do so.

While it's not the most visually or mechanically impressive game ever made, Wasteland 2 is still a fantastic, turn and party-based RPG with a memorable universe and plenty of character build variety. Notably, the Classic Edition also comes with a free copy of the original Wasteland RPG from 1988.

Other deals you can take advantage of during GOG's Winter Sale include a 50 percent discount on the phenomenally-written indie adventure "A Plague Tale: Innocence" (now $22.49), and the "Ultimate RED Collection." As the name implies, the Collection packs every single game CD Projekt Red has ever made into one very affordably-priced bundle.

The Collection will run you $87.77. While that's a large chunk of change to pay all at once, Cyberpunk 2077's $60 price tag eats up most of it. That means you're getting The Witcher 3's GOTY Edition, Thronebreaker (Gwent's standalone singleplayer campaign), The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, The Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition, and The Witcher Adventure Game for a mere $27.77.

According to a GOG spokesperson, this is the best deal the company has ever offered on the Witcher games.

If CD Projekt Red's games aren't really your thing (or you've simply played them all by now), the space-themed strategy epic Stellaris can be had for just $9.99 (75 percent off). If you'd rather get in tune with your inner farmer, consider snagging Stardew Valley for $11.99 – 20 percent off its normal price.

GOG's Winter Sale is also a great time to hop on board the Dragon Age train if you haven't done so already: the first game in the series costs little more than pocket change at $4.99.

If you're not too keen on any of the deals in GOG's sale, Steam's Winter Sale kicks off on December 19.