In brief: Are you tired of Alexa's default voice and want something with a bit more authority? Then here's some good news: you can now change the digital assistant into a version voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

Amazon announced its Celebrity Voice Program back in September, and it's now kicked off with the Pulp Fiction actor. If you want to hear Jackson take over Alexa, simply say, "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson." You can also manually download the Skill here. It costs 0.99 cents, but that seems like a small price for listening to Nick Fury all day. Best move fast, though---it goes up to $4.99 following the introductory period.

Jackson, of course, is well-know for using NSFW language in his roles, and you're able to choose whether he uses expletives when taking over from Alexa.

The system doesn't rely completely on pre-recorded phrases; instead, it utilizes Amazon's neural text-to-speech model that imitates Jackson's voice where needed.

For those who'd like to know more about Jackson, you can ask questions from this list, which include what it was like making Star Wars, how he got his big break, and his favorite vacation spot.

There are some things Jackson can't do. The celebrity voice feature doesn't support lists, reminders ("I ain't reminding you of s**t!" he'll tell you), skills, or using Alexa to shop for Amazon items.

Alexa isn't the first digital assistant to use celebrity voices. Google Assistant users can have their AI voiced by John Legend and actress Issa Rae.