Back from the dead: Critically acclaimed The Wolf Among Us is getting a second season by a resurrected TellTale Games. The first teaser was revealed last night, and parent company LCG Entertainment said it is working with some of the original minds that brought the title to life.

It appears that The Wolf Among Us will be getting its sequel after all. LCG Entertainment (DBA Telltale Games) has confirmed that The Wolf Among Us 2 is back in development.

The title was canceled last year after studio Telltale Games dissolved and sold off all its assets. Holding company, LCG Entertainment purchased most of the developer's technology, trademarks, and intellectual properties. Among the trademarks was the Telltale Games brand, which the company revived in August.

Some might be inclined to say that just because you attach the Telltale name to a title does not make it a Telltale game. Fortunately, LCG has partnered with AdHoc Studios to work on the production. As you may recall, AdHoc was formed earlier this year by former Telltale employees.

The company dropped the first teaser for the game at The Game Awards show Thursday night, but did not reveal much more about it other than it has "resumed work" on the title.

Forbes learned from the new Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie that The Wolf Among Us 2 would be released on consoles and PC. The PC version will be an Epic Store exclusive. The timeline is unclear, but Ottilie said that it would definitely not be ready by the end of 2020.

"We aren't announcing a release date just yet, but I can say it won't be in 2020," Ottilie said in an interview. "We have rebooted development of Season 2 and intend to give it the time and care it deserves to bring the vision to fruition."

For now, the team is solely focused on finishing TWAU2. However, Ottilie did hint that the next game the studio will be working on will be an original IP, rather than another sequel dredged up from the old Telltale library.

If you have not played the original game yet, it is free on the Epic Games Store until December 19. You can't beat free for what is an excellent game.