In a nutshell: When it comes to creating fond memories of a wedding proposal, the idea of using a real-life loot box to present the engagement ring seems like a pro gamer move, one which Gavin Carter pulled off for the special moment with his girlfriend, Emily.

Loot boxes aren't met with much excitement in the gaming industry. However, using their surprise element won the approval of Carter's girlfriend, an Overwatch player, when she saw a real-world loot box from the game at their wedding proposal.

Gavin Carter, gamer and a producer on Fallout 3 and Halo 4, employed the services of Optimistic Geometry, a company well-known for making accurate prop replicas, to recreate the Overwatch loot box in real-life.

The project took over a year and $5,200 to complete. "This box was a real challenge to build," notes its designer, David. "You can see just how densely packed with motors and cables it is," he adds.

The electro-mechanical box is brought to life using 13 Servos, 8 Motors, hundreds of LEDs, 8 Electronics boards, nearly 50 meters of wiring, 30+ limit switches and can also be controlled via Bluetooth.

"The end result is so worth it though. I pushed authenticity and it was delivered," says Carter. "No detail was missed - even the bar code says "Emily"! he notes, adding that David's idea of using a petal holder for the ring worked flawlessly and provided the perfect surprise moment.

Opening the loot box just added to the experience for both, as Carter ended up being successful with his proposal, as can be seen in the video above.