In context: A quick look at Masooma Bhaiwala's LinkedIn profile reveals that she started working at Intel in December. Before that, she had been with AMD since July 2004 - first as a senior director of design engineering then as a corporate vice president. While at AMD, she worked on three semi-custom game console chips as well as other semi-custom APUs and ASIC products for various customers.

Another former AMD executive has left the company to work for its rival.

According to a recent report from CRN, Intel has hired Masooma Bhaiwala to lead its discrete GPU division which is expected to launch its first products in 2020. In speaking to the publication, Bhaiwala said her official title is vice president of discrete GPU SoCs.

All told, she has more than 27 years of experience in building silicon, her profile notes.

This isn't the first time Intel has poached key talent from its archenemy. In late 2017, Radeon Technologies Group chief Raja Koduri abruptly left AMD and was hired by Intel just one day later. Since that time, several AMD vets have also jumped ship according to CRN.

Intel shared some of its early designs for discrete graphics cards earlier this year. Unfortunately, we still don't have any detailed specs regarding the cards but those will likely come down the pipe in the not-too-distant future.