Why it matters: Like smartphones, TV technology has made huge leaps over the last decade, with one of the many advances being shrinking bezels. At the upcoming CES event, however, Samsung is expected to go one step further by unveiling the first true 'Zero Bezel' television.

According to The Elec, Samsung's consumer electronics boss Kim Hyun-Seok and other executives have given the TV "two-thumbs up." It plans to start mass production of the sets in February, which, if true, shows the television is more than a proof of concept.

While there are other TVs that claim to be "zero-bezel," they still come with slim borders. Samsung's version reportedly welds the panel and the TV's body together to create a television that lacks any bezels.

"Unlike other so-called 'zero-bezel' products that actually still had bezels, this product really doesn't have a bezel," said a developer, who worked closely with the project. "Samsung has become the first in the world to realize such an extreme design."

The Zero Bezel TVs will only be available in sizes 65-inches and above, which is likely a result of the complicated manufacturing process, so you can expect them to be pretty expensive---especially if Samsung chooses to combine the design with 8K panels.

It appears that the Zero Bezel TV is more than just a rumor. Samsung applied for a trademark on the term "Zero Bezel" in Europe two months ago, and the company tweeted a CES teaser showing an empty square with the phrase "The Age of Experience." We'll find out if it's related to Zero Bezel TVs at the company's CES event on January 6.