Through the looking glass: Facebook's chief also believes that the 2020s will see the emergence of breakthrough augmented reality glasses that'll redefine our relationship with technology, just as the desktop computer did in the 1990s, the web did in the 2000s and the mobile phone did in the 2010s.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the last decade set a new personal challenge for himself each year in an effort to grow in new ways outside of work. One year, for example, he studied Mandarin ahead of a visit to China. Another, he vowed to improve his personal speaking skills. In 2016, he aimed to build an AI to run his home.

Much has changed over the past 10 years, however. When he started the personal challenges, Zuckerberg's life mostly revolved around building Facebook - the website. Now, Facebook has its hands in all sorts of ventures and they are much more involved in social responsibility. Zuckerberg is now also a father who enjoys spending time with his family and getting better at the sports and hobbies he has picked up over the years.

As such, it's now time to embark on a different journey. This decade, Zuckerberg said he is going to think more long-term - about what he wants his life to look like by 2030.

Zuckerberg said one of the reasons he cared about giving people a voice was that he thought it could empower his generation. "I'm glad more people have voice, but it hasn't yet brought about the generational change in addressing important issues I had hoped for," Zuckerberg said. "I think that will happen this decade."

Zuckerberg also acknowledged how the Internet gave us the power to connect with anyone, anywhere. Consequently, this power also stripped away our intimacy. "When I grew up in a small town, it was easy to have a niche and sense of purpose," he said. "But with billions of people, it's harder to find your unique role."

In the next decade, Zuckerberg believes that some of the most important social infrastructure will help reconstruct smaller communities and help rekindle that sense of intimacy again.

Last but certainly not least, Zuckerberg believes we need more government regulation with regard to establishing rules around things like elections, privacy, data portability and harmful content. He's also working on an Oversight Board that'll allow Facebook users to appeal content decisions to an independent board to determine whether something should be allowed or not. "If this is successful, it could be a model for other online communities in the future."

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