Something to look forward to: Ever wished you could be in a real-life video game? This summer, Universal Studios Japan will be offering the closest we may ever get to that fantasy when it opens Super Nintendo World park. Now, new details about the attraction have been released, along with a promo music video from Galantis with Charlie XCX.

The park, which launches ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Games, looks as if it'll be a paradise for Nintendo fans. Along with a real-world Mario Kart experience and the ability to travel around on Yoshi's back, Bloomberg reports that it'll feature wearable, Nintendo-themed wrist bands called "Power Up Bands." These work alongside a smartphone app, offering "interactive experiences" such as collecting digital coins, battling bosses, and competing with others.

Bloomberg reporter Kurumi Mori, who was at the Super Nintendo World press event, tweeted images revealing more of the mobile app. It includes an overhead map of the park that looks like something straight out of a Nintendo title, and visitors can create profiles and unlock achievements.

Thierry Coup, the chief creative officer of Universal Creative, said that Super Nintendo World would expand beyond Universal Japan to the US sites of Hollywood, California, and Orlando, Florida. No word yet on exactly when it'll reach America, though.

It might not be as much fun as the theme park, but last year saw another, albeit unofficial, real-world Mario Kart contest take place: Mushroom Rally USA. Heats were held in Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, and Houston, and participants picked a Mario Kart character costume to wear on the day.